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We are currently offering a special for DOT CDL Physicals for $75.00. Our clinic is up to date with the new changes and are registered under the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). We also have all the forms needed for the exam.

We are having an affordable special for those who are unable to receive chiropractic care through their insurance. The special, for new patients only, is for $70.00. The special includes the initial evaluation, treatment, and a 2-view X-Ray (if needed). Please call our office to receive your special promotion today!


Victims' Fund for Accident Victims

How The Victims' Fund Can Help!

Many people are supposed to learn just how many automobile accidents there are in the U.S. each year. Nearly 5 million people a year are involved in moderate to severe injuries. In addition to that, some pedestrians are hit by vehicles. All told, it leads to a lot of serious injuries for a lot of people. 

And in many cases, it can also lead to a huge financial burden. That's why The Accident Guys started The Victim's Fund, a non-profit organization aimed at helping people who find themselves in this kind of situation.

What Happens if You Need Help Following a Vehicular Accident?

Most people's first question is – "won't insurance cover any expenses that come from an accident?" In theory, the answer is yes. But that is assuming that the driver has the proper coverage or even coverage at all. In the many cases where the other driver is under or not insured at all, the obligation to pay for medical bills, funeral services, and other debt that comes from this sort of thing will likely fall on you.

How Do Victim's Funds Help?

The Victim's Fund can relieve some of the burdens on accident survivors financially and emotionally. The fact is that it isn't just financial strain that comes from these situations. There is also the emotional burden that comes from the trauma of the accident and injuries sustained and the anxiety and stress from the expenses and lost wages. Those who are recovering from major injuries and missing work can benefit greatly from this Fund.

How Did the Fund Get Started?

The Accident Guys, Eliot Houman and Omin Dayan are responsible for creating The Victim's Fund. They are the Co-founders of The Accident Guys with a nearby office in Rancho Cucamonga. As founding partners of the Dayan & Houman Law Firm, they knew all too well the pain and hopelessness that so many people experience due to these types of accidents. Mr. Dayan serves as the non-profits CEO while Mr. Houman acts as its President.

They are joined on the Fund's board of directors by other legal and medical professionals. This includes the CFO, Navid Barkhodar, the Secretary, David Tehrani, and Dr. Pouyan Famini; Vice President.

The purpose of The Victim's Fund is to help low-income families, as well as those who have been stretched far beyond their means in dealing with an automobile accident. This happens through generous donors.